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A selection of tunes I played/recorded on which you can stream/buy online

SHOPPING OPTIONS CD and download from Bandcamp   Download from itunes Download from Amazon CD on sale in London, England at Massive International, Hawkeye, Peckings, Rockstone, Turnstyle, & Supertone. in Kingston, Jamaica at Derrick Harriot's.   CD by post from 10 GBP (+P&P if outside UK)

ABOUT Sarah Tobias - Stronger Every Day 10 beautiful reggae instrumentals. Recorded in Jamaica and England by the toughest reggae musicians and featuring Sarah Tobias ​ released December 21, 2015 ©2015 Sarah Tobias Kayafyah Productions

CREDITS ​ 1 Sun And Moon (Eva) (Sarah Tobias, Lloyd Anthony Forrest, Leslie Alexander Thomas, Samuel Alexander Bramwell, Harris Lloyd Seaton) ​ 2 In Your Hands (Legends and Heroes) (Sarah Tobias, Carlos Lopes) ​ 3 Green Light (Soul Love) (Tony Mahoney, Tommy McCook, Duke Reid) ​ 4 All Night Long (Roots Music) (Sarah Tobias, Tony Mahoney, Jackie Bernard, Cebert Bernard) ​ 5 Are You Ready (Attraction) (Sarah Tobias, Carlos Lopes) ​ 6 I Like Your Style (It's You I Love) (Sarah Tobias, Leon Leiffer, Earl St Clair Bailey, Winston Delano Riley, Bruce Ruffin) ​ 7 Northbound Train (Lovely Woman) (Sarah Tobias, Carlos Lopes) ​ 8 Sax Of Gold (Ring of Gold) (Sarah Tobias, Renford George Cogle, Tony Brevett, Brent Gayford Dowe) ​ 9 Freedom (Rocky Ways) (Sarah Tobias, Carlos Lopes) ​ 10 Stronger Every Day (Rise Up Africa) (Sarah Tobias, Carlos Lopes) ​ 1, 8: Vincent Morgan & The Soul Defenders: ​ Drums: Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace Bass: Colin Ellis Rhythm Guitar: Fredrick 'Fatstring' Thomas Lead guitar: Dalton Browne Keyboard: Vincent Morgan Engineer: Delroy 'Fatta' Pottinger Anchor Recording Studio, Kingston, Jamaica Producer: Leon Leiffer ​ 2, 5, 7, 9, 10: The Firehouse Crew: Drums: Melbourne George 'Dusty' Miller Bass: Donald 'Mr Biggs' Dennis Keyboards: Paul 'Wrong Move' Crossdale & Tony 'Asha' Brissett Guitar: Mitchum 'Khan' Chin Saxophone: Dean Ivanhoe Fraser Trombone: Roland 'Nambo' Robinson Trumpet: Dwight Richards Percussion: Bongo Herman, Uziah 'Sticky' Thompson & Toney Owens the1st Kette Drums: Congo Ashanti Roy Engineers: Steven Stanley, Nigel Burrell, Delroy 'Fatta' Pottinger, Donald 'Tixie' Dixon & Roland McDermott Tuff Gong, Kingston, Jamaica Anchor Recording Studio, Kingston, Jamaica Producers: Carlos Lopes & Toney Owens the1st for Kayafyah Productions 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10: Quartz Music 3: Peter Hunnigale Recorded & engineered by Peter Hunnigale Vibes Central, London, England Producers: Christopher 'Peckings' Price & The Blackstones Jack Russell Publishing 4: Mafia & Fluxy Bass & keyboards: Leroy 'Mafia' Heywood Drums & percussion: David 'Fluxy' Heywood Engineer: Carlton 'Dillie' McLeod Stingray, London, England Producers: Christopher 'Peckings' Price & The Blackstones Jack Russell Publishing 6: Tommy McCook & The Supersonics Treasure Isle, Kingston, Jamaica Producers: Duke Reid; Christopher 'Peckings' Price & The Blackstones Westbury Music Ltd 1, 5, 6, 8: The Blackstones Vocalists: Tony Mahoney, Junior Bailey & Leon Leiffer Engineer: Sarah Tobias Ital Studio, London, England ​ 1: Flute, soprano/alto/tenor saxophones 2: Alto/tenor saxophones 3: Flute, trumpet, tenor saxophone, tambourine 4: Clarinet 5: Flute, trumpet, tenor/baritone saxophones 6: Flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone, shekere 7: Clarinet 8: Alto/tenor saxophones, tambourine 9: Keyboards 10: Soprano saxophone, bass clarinet Recorded & engineered by Sarah Tobias Ital Studio, London, England ​ Producer: Sarah Tobias Mastering Engineer: Mario Lawrence Anchor Mix & Mastering, Anchor Recording Studio, Kingston, Jamaica Photography: Ludmila Felic Design: Sarah Tobias For Hannah Tobias Special Thanks To Winston Reedy With Love To Each And Every One ♥

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